Wednesday, March 27, 2013

StitchFix #2

Lately when i get ready for work in the morning i stand in my closet for 10 mins going thru my clothes hating all of it. i usually keep my clothes for quite some time, so now im just bored with them. and when i have shopped lately, all i buy is solids. even more boring!

so then i heard about StitchFix and thought id give it a try. its really easy! just feel out the styling profile, schedule your fix and they ship 5 items right to your doorstep to try on. you immediately try them on (well you dont have to, i do, its like christmas!) and see what you like and dont like. keep what you want, and send back what you dont. easy peasy!!

my first fix i wasnt too fond of. it was colorless (like my wardrobe already is) and all winter stuff. but hello i live in Louisiana, its hot! though you could fool me this week. so i only kept one item and sent the rest back. but after doing some searching i tweeked my profile, added my Dress me up! pinterest board, and added in the comment section what i was looking for (no plain shirts, fun spring shirts). and this time i was really impressed with what i got!

when you check out online, you fill out a survey of how you liked everything. then each fix will get better and better as the stylist get to know you.

i kept 2 pieces that i really loved. one shirt that i loved (the black and white stripe with the bows) was too big on me, hopefully they will send me a smaller size next time

hello pattern!

love maxi dresses!

if you need some help with your style, i highly suggest you sign up for StitchFix!

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