Sunday, March 10, 2013

8k Training

my friend, Heather, has convinced me to train for a 8k near the end of march. since i havent even completely trained for a 5k, this should be interesting. im using a 10k trainer for my plan. i figured id i could run a 10k, i should be able to do a 8k, right? well there are 10 more weeks til the race and 12 weeks left of the training plan. doh! i guess i dont have to completely finish that training, but hopefully itll be enough to pull me through!

the last 2 weeks that ive run have been good. ive felt really good and strong on my runs. i even got new running shoes cuz my others have been worn for awhile.i havent been wearing my garmin watch either.. which has been really nice. since im just in the beginnings of starting to run, i felt it was better to not be constantly watching my time and pace. ill probably start wearing it again in another week or so.

ill update every week how my training is going. i have high hopes this time!

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  1. You can do it! Even if you have to walk some of it, if you finish that, you are my hero! I could not do something like that! :)