Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mental Game

the further i get into my training, the more mentally challenged i am. before my run last night i kinda freaked when i saw at one point i had to run for 4mins. that use to be nothing to me. on a whim, ive ran for 2 miles straight, 27 mins. but i couldnt run the 4 mins? jamie tried to put some motivation in me. i did alot better than i thought i would, i only took a few seconds walking breaks in the 4 mins runs. but next training day i have to run for 5 mins. i literally cursed when i saw that.

i think part of my problem though is fueling properly and drinking enough water before my runs. some days i do really well. but i know yesterday i didnt. its been a tough week (my mom is having surgery today) and so ive been eating whatever i see basically. and none of it was proper fuel for the run. so now that im getting more deep into my training, i need to take a second look at what im eating and drinking to prepare myself for my runs.

but to put a little hitch in my giddy up, i have signed up for race. ever heard of the color run? well i have exactly one month until the race. super nervous. but its time i finally did a race and hopefully i will be prepared for it.

happy wednesday!

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  1. I think you will do great in the color run!! Is this the run on my birthday?! :D Where is it going to be? Be sure to take pictures! You are my inspiration to exercise. :)