Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Running Garminless

at the beginning of training i decided to not wear my garmin.

i use to be able to not go a run without my garmin. i just wouldnt run if i didnt have it or it had died. but i am a garmin stalker, looking at it every few mins to check my time and pace. it became a bad habit and eventually started affecting my runs. it was mentally screwing me up. (remember, running if a mental challenge for me)

so choosing to not wear my garmin has been an awesome decision. im not constantly looking to see how much time i have to run, i just listen for the little dude in my headphones to tell me "slow down, and walk". my running has improved so much by not wearing it.

but i tried to wear it the other day on one of training days because i thought i was ready for it again. but i found out.. i am not. i was constantly checking it still. so ive made the decision to just not wear it at all unless im not on a training day. as in my extra runs that im adding in every weekend. this past weekend i added a 1 mile run in. and each weekend leading up the race ill add half a mile to it to check my time.

my time this weekend

one day ill eventually get over this and be able to wear it all the time again. but until then, its really nice to be "unplugged".

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