Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sausage and Potatoes

way back when, when i was in my first serious relationship, my bf's mom made sausage and potatoes. and i fell in love. and then when we broke up i whined to my mom, and she started making it for me. and i sorta learned how to make it from her. it has now become one of my favorite meals.

i just call it sausage and potatoes, cuz well, i dont know what else to call it. alot of people called it a hash, but ehhh, i dont really know.

i try not to make it too often, cuz well, the potatoes go straight to the hips and  its not too health. but its a really good comfort food. which i needed this week.


i have a bad habit of not measuring. so ill try my best!

Sausage and Potatoes

6-7 potatoes, cubed (i used butter gold this time, but sometimes i use red potatoes) (use as many as you see fit for how many people you are cooking for)

1-2 links sausage ( i used hillshire farm beef smoked sausage this time, i usually buy whatever is on sale)



Peel, cube, and wash potatoes. Cook on medium heat til they start to brown some.


While that is cooking, cut up your sausage and start cooking that. Once potatoes have browned, start adding water, i usually put enough to cover the potatoes about half way up, to let "boil" and start to become soft and mushy. once the water is gone, i usually do this again. but you can do it until you get a texture you like, if you like them not as mushy and tender.

 Once potatoes and sausage are both done, combine, and season as youd like. i usually add tonys. and when the hubby fixes his plate, he usually adds more and some hot sauce. im not too much of a spice girl. i usually let them cook for about 10 mins together, to mix the flavors.

i did a quick version of this when i made it this week cuz i was tired and kinda lazy. but the addition of onions, garlic, and bacon add awesome flavor to this dish. 



  1. That looks soooo yummy! D: I want some! :D

  2. The way we do it is first lightly grill all the chopped/diced sausages in the bottom of a LG pot Then chop all the potatoes into the pot and add water until its about an inch higher than the potatoes. Add a crap load of Tony's and boil until all the water is gone then serve ;-)