Friday, March 15, 2013

ipod failure

usually, i charge up my ipod one day for my run and then use it again in 2 days when the battery is almost dead, but it usually last my whole run. i have done this so many times. well last night i thought would be no different. except, it was. i was doing my last run before my cooldown walk, and it just died. at first i thought my music had messed up. i mean my little dude on the app just told me to start running. well i hit the home button and sure enough it died. so, i decided to just finish it up on my own. and i did, for a little while, until i psyched myself out like i always do. it was more i didnt want to hear me breathing so hard, i needed my music.

i wasnt that motivated to run anyways. i got home later than usual and knew it was time to start dinner. but my wonderful husband told me to go ahead and go so i dont get behind on my training. i sure do love him :) and im glad i went.

running is such a mental struggle for me. and even though i feel really strong on my runs lately, obviously im still going to struggle with knowing that i can actually do this run. even though ive proved to myself that i can run a whole 2 miles without stopping, even little short runs challenge me. im so ready to be over that.

i should probably go plug in my ipod for my run in the morning. happy friday!

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  1. It's good that you still got out there girlie! I have NO motivation to run! You are doing way better than I am! Keep it up! :D