Saturday, April 13, 2013

One week

one week from today ill be in baton rouge for my color run. and i must say, im quite nervous. i dont think im even ready. i cant run a continuous 3 miles. some running is better than nothing, but i wanna run the whole thing!

thursday i decided to ditch the training plan on my ipod an do my own thing. i did about 2 miles on thursday, but i knew today i had to tackle the 2 miles. ill be doing 3 more runs before next saturday to try and prep me for these 3 miles. i met my goal of doing it under 45 mins. but i still wanna do better. i did about a half mile of walking all together.

one thing i need to do is clean up my eating. sweets and french fries wont win ya a race. i need to up my veggies and cut back on those fries. and start hydrating early. the race is a 10 am. a time ive never fueled for, so this should be an interesting test. ill probably fuel for and run at 10 am tomorrow to get see how i handle it all.

hope tomorrow goes better than today!

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