Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wedding DIY's: the invites

since i didnt update the blog about wedding things like i wanted, i figured now is better than any time to share with you all the DIY's i did of the wedding. and all the special details i added in to the wedding.

after searching online for far too long, i decided that none of the invites that i saw really jumped out at me. i had thrown the idea of doing them myself around for awhile, but it seemed like such a big task. i mean these were going out to alot of people and i wanted to look great! so i started a search on etsy for invites on there that people designed. i saw a few i liked and decided to try and come up with something on my own. i mean, i am quite artsy, so i knew i could come up with something. then an idea came to me. and i started drawing it by hand, yet it did not look good. so i imported it into the only drawing program i really knew how to use, Autocad. its the program i use to do the drafting at work. and after a little work, my save the date, invite, and rsvp cards came to life. i loved how they came out!

catch my typo? i apparently never did, til after printing :(

i went to our local print place and told them what i wanted, and they worked with me to get me exactly what i wanted. and at a great price too. much cheaper than i would have ordering them.

 after i designed these, i pretty much had the theme i wanted. and the rest just developed from there.

i loved how they came out, and i got so many compliments on them. i loved that it was personal, and not just one i ordered online. youll see how it all played into the rest of the wedding details :)

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