Tuesday, April 9, 2013

over run

im kinda shocked how far ive come with this 5k training. im on week 7 this week. ive never reached this far in the program, and well, its kinda scary. each time i go to run, i sigh when i see how much i have to run. which is kinda funny when i say it now, cuz i wanna run for 3 miles, its gonna take awhile.

i have done every run it has requested of me. not perfectly, but itll take time. ive also done my extra runs as i had planned. which i surprised myself this weekend on my 2 mile run. i didnt continuously run 2 miles, but i continuously ran 2 separate miles, with a 4 min walk in between.

but ive never been one to really keep up with anything. those 90 day programs? yea.. i last about 20 days. previous 5k trainings? lasted about 3 weeks.

so basically im saying... im over this running thing. like i cant wait for the race to be here so i can take a break from running. i still like running. just not 4 days a week. i think 2 would be cool. but i do wanna finish this and prove to myself that i actually can stick with a program and complete it. thought  might not be able to run 3 continuous miles by race time, im sure gonna try my hardest.

only 5 runs, and 11 days til race day!

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