Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday

1. last night there was a terrible storm that kept me up half the night. first it was super close lighting strikes, then the scariest hail storm EVER! i was too scared to go outside and take pictures, but it was golf ball size hail, and it made a puddle all round my house where it came off the roof. and the yard looked like it had snowed. WTF did all this come from??

2. i do 99.99% of the cooking at home. but i have discovered 2 things the husband can cook. hamburgers and steak. so i think we will have these 2 things each week forever so that he can contribute to the cooking. his steaks come out pretty good. my scalloped potatoes came out pretty good too... i think the cheese saved it.

3. ive only worked out once this week. shame on me! dont i know i have a challenge im suppose to be doing?? but im proud to say that the one time i did run, i shaved 11 seconds off my fastest mile. i know whats helping me get faster. ill share my secret another day :)

4. i still havent taken advantage of this half off frapps at starbucks from 3-5. doesnt starbucks know people work that those times?? maybe they will let me off early today so i can get one. if not, tomorrow will be the day. mmm caramel frappuccino.

5. im so glad its friday. work has been ridiculously busy. im not complaining. just tired.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Yeah you passed that storm on over to me becuase at 3AM here it woke me up BOOMING outside and shaking my whole house. and Also Thats the funniest thing I've heard about Jamie. Good idea tho, can't go wrong with steak and hamburgers two times a week. Also Congrats on your running times, I'm very proud of you :) keep up the good work. I'm out

  2. That steak and potatoes looks good. O.o' Im so hungry right now. xD LOL! And I wanna know your secret! I hope you post it soon! :)