Friday, May 31, 2013

Five thing Friday

1. remember how i was suppose to tackle the front door this past weekend? well i did. and i think it adds a little life to the front of the house. (seriously, we have the saddest looking house on the street, we gotta step it up)

2. after i crazy week and past weekend, i dont feel like doing a damn thing this weekend. i have a secret present im working on, but other than that.. me and the couch will have lots of bonding time this weekend.

3. i seriously have to start working out again. another week with no working out. tomorrow is june 1st. seems like a good day to start something.

4. i saw this on facebook the other day. and i couldnt agree more.

5. my husband is going back to school this summer. he starts monday. i couldnt be more happier and proud of him :)

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