Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday

1. on sunday while most of the family was still here, me and my brother went to starbucks to get everyone frapps at starbucks at about 4pm. it was the last day to get them half off. it was delicious. me and jamie barely slept that night.

2. i have exercised everyday this week so far. i was suppose to start my two-a-days this week. it only happened once. next week should be not so crazy to where i can. ill tell you more about my two-a-days next week.

3. the husbands cousin graduates this weekend. he is the last cousin to graduate. well besides baby zane, but he is only 2! he has a little ways to go. but seriously, did i gradate 8 years ago? time sure does fly!

4. amazingly the only sweets ive had this week was a snickerdoodle and a 100 calorie pack of oreo thins. ill go ahead and pat myself on the back for that one. i usually eat a sweet atleast once a day!

5. in the next few weeks ill have 2 new babies in my life. my sisters new daughter, my godchild. and one of my best friends will be having hers soon too. i dont think ill be able to handle all the cuteness! i better go charge my camera batteries!

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