Tuesday, May 7, 2013

not so moving-it

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alright guys, i have a little confession for you. ive falling behind on my "move-it may" challenge. saturday was jam packed full. and by the time i got home, i had the worst headache ever and crashed on the couch.

i did get in a little movement saturday morning, ill count that as my move-it for the day. right now in my town we have this thing called contraband days. the pirates have come and taken over our downtown. whatever that means. theres rides, anything you could want on a stick. concerts. a 5 mile run. a car show. the list goes on and on.

well my brother participated in the "tour lafitte". a bicycle event. you had a choice of distance you could do, so he did the 27 miles. i met him at the civic center at 7 am to watch him start.

i then headed to my parents because they had a rest point right down the road from my moms. i had to part at a near by church and walk to the spot i needed to be in to be paparazzi.

 after we saw him at the rest point. i hopped in the car and headed to the finish back at the civic center to wait for him. i again parked in a near by parking lot that was easy to get in and out of, cuz i sure wasnt parking in the crazy parking with the contraband people. see, all my walking added up to something saturday.

after all that was over i came home and got ready for my friends baby shower. i wish i woulda taken a picture with her, i forgot! but ill share later the present i made for her. after that we went to eat with my bro then i came home n crashed.

on sunday i was determined to be somewhat lazy. and i succeeded. however, i got called into work (no this isnt a normal thing, we had a project that needed to be done by morning) so i went up to work from 4-8:30, so my time slot i was gonna use to go on a 2 mile walk turned into work time. sighhhh.

warning! if you are a boy, do not continue reading!!

yesterday morning, i woke up at 5:50 like i had been to do my morning workout, only to find out i had started my "monthly cycle". im seriously over dramatic when it comes to this. lets just say i lasted 5 mins of the workout and thru in the towel and didnt even attempt to workout at all the rest of the day. the first day is the worst and i dont even wanna be messed it. drama queen. i know.

but today is a new day, and i plan to atleast get my mile or 2 walk/ run in tonight. i promise!! we gotta move-it, move-it!

happy tuesday!

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  1. Looks like you've been a busy little bee, I like how you used all the running back n forth to take pictures of your brother on a bike as a workout for the day, haha. I covered my eyes through the part where you said boys shouldn't read. Hopefully it wasn't anything too gross like you starting your period or something. But if it was, you jus nasty. What are you having for dinner tonight?

  2. No worries girlie! I'm not doing as hot with Move-it May as I would like either! But the Semester is almost over, and I will be DESTROYING May then! :D It's ok to have a rest day sometimes. ;)