Friday, May 3, 2013

Move-it May

i work a 8-5 desk job. the only times i get up are to go to the printer, the bathroom, and to my car. and we have a small office, so its not like im walking across a building. and when i get home i usually cook dinner and crash on the couch til bedtime.

even though im exercising in the mornings, i feel like i need to get some extra movement in since i sit on my butt all day. and even though im a few days late.. i have challenged myself to move-it may.

for the rest of may i plan to move, 1 mile a day. whether its walking, running, biking, crawling, skipping, hopping, or skating. just one mile. and itll only take me about 15 mins max. so its not taking a big chunk out of my day.

ill keep you updated. but how about you join me? we could all use to move a little more!
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