Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday

1. its been a few weeks since ive done these, but im back! cuz who doesnt love friday?? and even better, i have more post planned for this weekend. its good to be back blogging :)

2. kim kardashian had her baby saturday (im sure you are all aware). well yesterday the news finally broke with the name. North. North West will be her name. WTF rich people. act like you have sense and name your baby something normal and beautiful.

3. remember i said i was taking baby bumps pics for my friend? well she had him last thursday! he is sooo cute. but he is in the NICU since he is early, but will hopefully be going home in the next few days. i cant wait. im cooking them dinner one night so they can love up on their baby at home. what should i cook them?

4. i havent felt my best for the past month. but after some doctor visits and some meds im starting to finally feel better. since i havent felt my best, i havent worked out either. and it sucks. but im ready to pick up where i left off. except for the running.. ill have to work my way back into that. ill start with walking :)

5. im going to try and use my photographer knowledge i have and attempt to take newborn pictures of my niece. im hoping they come out really cute! if not.. itll be good practice right?

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