Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wedding Recap: Reception

if ya havent read my other recaps make sure to read them: Rehearsal, Getting Ready, and Ceremony


after pictures were done, we packed up n left the church. however, we kinda forgot to plan how we were going to get to the reception. and the only people left were my parents who couldnt fit us in the truck cuz the back seat was loaded up, my bro and photographer, and my sister and her husband in their van. so basically we had to stuff in the van and head out. my niece kept me entertained.

once we got to the reception, the wedding party was introduced and then me and jamie were introduced and led into our wedding song. we danced to Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Appartaus, it fit us well. it was a sweet song, but had a touch of rock for jamie.

after me and jamies dance, it was time for me and my dads dance. we had a little surprise up our sleeve that only me, jamie, my parents, my brother, and the photographer knew about. when me and my dad were searching for our song to dance to, we found this video, and kinda used it to plan our dance. we started with "i loved her first", then broke out into dance for "the twist", "staying alive", "ymca", and "the chicken dance", then ended back with "i loved her first". it was awesome. i have it do on video, but my dad asked me not to post it. poo :( but we got some good pics of it.

after that it was time for the mother and son day. they danced to "simple man". it was so sweet. jamies soft heart got the best of him again :)

 the rest of the reception was eating, the money dance, cake cutting and shoving in faces, garter and bouquet toss, and lots more dancing!

but after all the fun it was time to head out and start enjoying our honey moon and life as newlyweds.

it was the greatest day of my life, and i cant wait to have many many anniversary's to celebrate!


  1. That was a great day and had lots of fun. Not gunna lie, the father daughter dance was a COMPLETE surprise lol. it was awesome

  2. Glad I could be a part of this awesome day!!! :D