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Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

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Getting Ready:

after tossing and turning all night  from nerves, it was time to get up and start getting ready. me and all the girls planned to get ready separately, which im now regretting. i got up and showered and washed my hair so i could head to the hairdressers house so i could get my hair done. the main reason we didnt all get ready together was because the hairdressers salon in the back of her house was tiny. it was crowded with just me her and my mom. i last minute changed my mind on my hair from the last 2 times i had it done, and im glad i did, it came out so good. (sadly i have no pictures of anything until we got to the church and my lovely bridesmaids started snapping pics)

after me n mom got our hair done we made a mad dash to the church to meet the florist who was delivering the flowers. my dad had already gotten there before we got there. and then we found out that they were having choir practice in the church. my bridezilla started to kick in, because they wouldnt allow me to put my flowers on the alter like i wanted because they were practicing. excuse me?? please do not mess with a bride on her day! we told the priest about it cuz we needed them out because we had planned on doing pictures before the wedding to cut back on time for pics after the wedding. we had to leave to go grab the things to come back to the church, so we hoped things would be settled by the time we got back.

we quickly ran to my parents (thankfully they lives right down the road from the church) and i put my makeup on and grabbed all the things i needed. the photographer met us at my moms and then me my brother and the photographer (a friend of my brothers) all headed to the church cuz my bridesmaids were suppose to meet me at 12. when we pulled up jamie and his boys and in the inlaws were all standing outside, so we had to make them go to the church hall so i could get out the car and decorate the church. and guess what... THEY WERE STILL PRACTICING. by this time i was livid. but eventually i said 'screw it' and went on with what i needed to do.

thankfully my girls started to show up one by one and helped calm my nerves. why? because halfway thru decorating i realized i forgot half the decorations! so i called my mom, who was still at home getting ready, to tell her to bring that too, where she discovered i forgot half my dress! seriously, we forget the most important part? so me and the girls goofed off until my parents got there so i could finish decorating. after i finished decorating they made me stay in my hole (i had to get ready in the church cry room)

when it was time to get ready, i told mom i wanted to go pee before putting on the dress. cuz peeing with my big ass dress would be a pain! so we walk outside to the bathrooms just outside of the church. i spotted jamie outside, but i didnt want him to go inside since the bathrooms werent far, so i ducked behind mom and we started walking. well jamie's grandma was pulling up as i was walking so i turned and waved to her, and missed that the sidewalk changed levels. i stubbed my toe and thought i was gonna go down, i stuck my arm out to grab the pole i was about to run into. since my mom wasnt sure what happened she yelled really loud "yall get inside" and the boys went inside. seriously i couldnt help but laugh. i barely scratched my toe and everything was fine. but it lightened the mood a bit. then it was time to get ready!

i was told to mostly get ready and then photographer would come in to take pictures of them zipping up my dress, and putting on my garter and veil.

everything was going lovely. until we realized we had forgotten the veil at home too. daddy to the rescue ran home and got my veil for me. surprisingly this didnt make me nervous, or upset, or anything i expected. i was too excited about my day and wasnt gonna let anything get me down.

i was finally ready except for my shoes. which apparently the dad is suppose to put them on a daughter? well.. i had barely worn these shoes so they were a tight fit. and well, dad had trouble putting them on me. so he did enough just for pictures and i put them on the rest of the way.

while dad was putting on my shoes, the priest came in and couldnt believe my dad was putting my shoes on me (we have a close relationship with our priest). he was coming in to make sure i was ready to go and to do a prayer with me, my parents, and my girls. a special moment for me before i walked down the aisle.

i was now ready to go meet my man at the end of aisle...

wonder what the boys were doing while all this was going on? they goofing off in the church hall while finishing getting ready and taking pre ceremony pictures.

yes, they wore chucks

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