Saturday, June 29, 2013

stitch fix 3

well.. its been a few months, but i decided to get another stitch fix (this is my referral link, i get spending money when you get your first fix :) ) shipped to me since i hated everything in my closet again. i havent really found anything in stores really that i liked lately (very shocking for me). especially shoes. i mean come on.. cant there just be one sandle that i like out there that doesnt cost $50. ill pay alot for my clothes, but not for my shoes. unless they are running shoes. plus im the bargain queen. it usually has to be on sale or i have a coupon for me to buy anything.

now.. stitch fix is by no means a bargain, its the opposite actually. ive never paid this much for clothes. but they are really good nice clothes, so having a few pieces every now and then wont hurt my little heart. plus.. YOLO.

its really like christmas when you open these boxes. you never know what will be in them. its nothing that you specifically ordered. its really fun. and well.. if ya dont like them.. you can send them back and now pay for them. however you do pay a $20 styling fee and can use it toward a piece, so i always buy atleast once piece.

enough of my blabbing.. im sure you just wanna see.

im a huge fan of shirts like these. and its a print (since i always buy solids) it does have horizontal stripes..and i can hear my grandmother yellin at me, but its really cute. i bought this one.

this is something i would never buy. i mean.. itll show a bit of my stomach for gosh sakes. but the whole point of me doing this stitch fix is to go out of my comfort zone and try more things. plus. its a print :) i bought this one too.

its cute. but its long sleeve. and its louisiana. sooo. no.


i love this dress! its so comfortable and you barely feel like you are wearing anything. its a cute summer anytime dress. work, dinner with friends, date night. loves it. i bought it too. :)

you dont always get 5 pieces of clothing. sometimes you get jewelry. im not a huge jewelry person so i always pass on the jewelry usually. but i got earrings this time.

 eh. i didnt buy em.

overall i loved this one. just enough pieces i wanted to make me not go over my monthly budget ;)
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