Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wedding Recap: Ceremony

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after the priest said a prayer with me and my girls and jamie and his boys it was time to start! as my girls left me to go and take their place and walk, me and my dad were left to wait in the cry room. i could hear the music going on and wished i coulda peeked through the blinds to see everyone walk down the aisle. it felt like 10 mins before they came and got me and my dad for our turn. i thought i was going to be super nervous, but i actually felt really calm. i was more nervous about worrying what i was suppose to do than what was actually happening!

once we were let in and walked to the center aisle, we began our walk down the aisle. it was quite nerve wracking with everyone watching me. i had my "dont look at me" smile on. the priest then let jamie step into the aisle to see me. i still remember the smile on his face and i could tell he was getting teary eyed. he later told me he had to bite his cheek to stop from crying. :)

from that point to the vows, its kinda hazy now. prayers, readings, my priest "lecture" on us being married. (it was like 8 months ago, i dont remember it that well) then it came time for the vows. my favorite part of the whole wedding. as it should be. i was surprisingly strong when i did my vows, jamie on the other hand is a softy, which i love about him. we got tear eyed saying his vows to me and when i was saying them to him.

 the priest picked on him calling him a cry baby. we all got a good laugh. :)

jamie also nervously went to grab the ring before he was suppose to. the priest swatted his hand and said "those arent yours yet" the priest was about to bless them :) loved the funny moments of the day!

after more prayers and blessings, it was time to introduce us as Mr. and Mrs. :)

and we were out the door to party! (well kinda. family pictures followed before we could leave!)

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