Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Set-up and Summer

i havent done a sunday set-up in awhile. but im ready to get back in a routine and have everything ready when needed. i prepare food for my breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. ive also made a meal plan for the week.

Dinner this week:
monday: baked chicken and cheesey zucchini rice
tuesday:  sloppy joes
wednesday: beef stroganoff
thursday: chicken with tomato cream pasta
friday: baked potatoes with bbq pulled pork
saturday: steaks, corn, and roasted potatoes

Lunch: most of my prep is for my lunches this week. im fixing salads for lunch. they will include: romaine lettuce, chicken, bacon, egg, cheese, cucumber, and green peas. with a yogurt ranch dressing.

Breakfast: eggs, fruit, and a slice of toast.

the random dinner for tonight: chicken fried steak sammiches. complete with white gravy :)


after seeing a few summer "wish list" or "bucket list" in blog land i decided to make my own. im a little late, since the first day of summer was friday, thought it feels like summer started a month ago. but its better late than never right?

do you prep for the week?

what is on your summer wish list?
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