Friday, July 11, 2014

My 5th Stitch Fix

on wednesday i told you had another stitch fix. i havent done a stitch fix in quite some time. my last one was in december, but i figured it was time to treat myself again. when i scheduled this fix, i had no idea id be doing a whole30 that month. so a mid month fix worked out well to treat myself halfway through.

for those of you who dont know what stitch fix is, you sign up and get a personality stylist to pick clothes for you based on your style profile. when you schedule the fix, you can pick what day works best for you. they mail 5 pieces (clothes, jewelry, bags) to you, you try them on, and whatever you dont like you send back. if you buy all 5 items you get 25% off! :) easy and fun.

i asked for lots of color and fun spring/summer pieces. i was so ready for some fun new pieces. im pretty excited about them. this is what i got:

 Colibri Chevron Print Sleveless Blouse - $44  KEEP
im in to chevron lately, but this isnt the chevron i expected. its was different and not something i woulda picked up, so i kept it.

 Greer Geo Print Peasant Blouse - $68  KEEP
this is also i shirt i woudlnt usually wear, but i felt it was a nice work shirt. and i kinda love it.

 Talia Embroidery Detail Split Neck Blouse - $48  KEEP
not much to save, but that i really like it! i love the detail at the top!

 Selah Tie Dye Striped Crochet Racerback Dress - $68  KEEP
i am all into dresses. and this one is super cute and i LOVE the detail on the back!

  Aleah V-neck Heathered Dolman Sleeve Shirt - $48  KEEP
i dont love this shirt. i dont like how it fits, or the color, or anything. the only reason i kept it is because it would be more expensive for me to return it than keep it (25% off if ya keep all items)

so overall i really loved this fix. i got some cute summer work clothes, a dress for fun nights. and i shirt that looks like throw-up.. my fixes are starting to really be clothes i like and kinda my style, but also my new style. cant wait to schedule my next one... in 6 months.. 

ps: all stitch fix links are my referral link. if you sign up for a $25 credit. you can get the same credit once you sign up and get your friends to sign up!

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  1. I LOVE THE SECOND SHIRT!!! 8D It's funny how the ones you like the least are the ones I usually like the most. xD LOL!