Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh hey confidence!

when i started doing the whole30 i was not happy in my skin or clothes. i had just gone to buy bigger shorts because mine wouldnt fit me (and no one likes wearing pants in the summer). i hated most of my clothes, but i think its more that i just didnt like the way they fit. but as i started to slowly lose the weight, i noticed my confidence coming back. cue ridiculous selfies:

after losing about 5 lbs i started to dress up more for work. my clothes felt good again. i was happier. i wasnt trying to hide as much.

im pretty sure i used the term "bringing sexy back"

i started getting lots of compliments about how i looked.

and thanks to stitch fix (<-- affiliate link) i now have more clothes that i feel great in (recap of my latest fix later this week)

now i have a closet full of clothes i can wear, and feel great in. and that feels awesome :) hey confidence, glad to have you back around, please stay!

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  1. I LOVE THE SECOND AND LAST OUTFITS!!! :O Those are so pretty on you!!