Wednesday, July 16, 2014


i started to write a post every day this week, and it never got finished. so why dont i just give you a recap?

  • i had a super busy day on satuday full of time spent with family and friends.
  • me and kim ate at Luna's saturday night. and i tried something new, but it wasnt life changing.
  • on sunday me and the husband laid around ALL day. we had barely seen each other the previous days so it was nice to just have some us time.
  • i worked out on monday. i posted it on facebook & instagram. it felt good to sweat, and im STILL sore today.
  • because i was lazy on sunday, i didnt do any grocery shopping. which has led to horrible eating this week. lots of picking up food. oy. i feel the pounds coming back on. :(
  • i leave on sunday for colorado. and i feel like i still have so much to do before we leave. and i just want to nap.
  • i hope to make these amazing cookies this week to meet up with some girls before i leave. uhh. can i have an extra day?

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  1. OH ME! MEET UP WITH ME!! :D I'll bring you a cuppy cake! :D