Wednesday, July 30, 2014

caught in a comparison trap

i feel like social media can be the devil. you get to see everyone business, though, usually, only their good business. they never express what their life is really like, all the behind the scenes. people like to embellish things in their lives, probably to make up for the bad things. but i forget this, and although i should know better, i only see how much better they are than me. and i start comparing myself to them. and instead of being happy for them, i get annoyed that i dont have what they have. except, i actually do.

i dont just compare body image either. i compare things like my marriage and how much i make compared to others too. and i just beat myself down.. so i have to remind myself of what i do have.

ok.. so i dont make as much as that person with the really great job. but i have a degree and make enough for what i need. i have a great house in an awesome neighborhood, food, clothes, and everything i could really need. so what if i cant go out every weekend to do something fun or buy material things. im wealthy with happiness.

ok.. so my husband doesnt take me out on dates and or buy me flowers all the time. my husband just doesnt show love that way. he helps me when i need, and we spend hours on the couch enjoying time with each other. we surprise each other with random gifts. and he takes care of me. what more i ask for?? im wealthy with love.

ok.. so i dont look like all these people on "fitspo" or whatever its called. but im on a journey to better myself and my health. im eating better than i have in years, and i love working out. no, i dont look the way i want to right now, but im getting there. weightloss/fitness doesnt come easy for me. but im working for it and im wealthy with health and determination.

i forget that i have a loving family, sweet nieces, great friends, a job with bosses that actually care about me, a job that i actually enjoy doing, a husband who loves me and that i love too, and a heart full of love. those are things that are too awesome to be forgetting. so im going to make an effort to not compare myself to others. they arent me. so how can i even compare myself to them?

learn from my mistake. dont fall in to a comparison trap. no ones life is just like yours. no one has all the things you do. be yourself, and love yourself. your life is pretty awesome if you just look round and count your blessings!

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