Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to counting

well, ive decided to go back to calorie counting. but just for now. not for the rest of my life.

in my whole 30 challenge i didnt have to count calories. i just had to eat all the right stuff. but i only lost weight the first 2 weeks cuz i was super cautious what i ate. then i just got frustrated and probably over ate on some things.
i havent been a big fan of calorie counting in the past, though it has helped me not eat those cookies when i saw i only had 20 calories left for the day. but i think it will help me get back on a track to where i can see what im eating and how much. once i learn potion control and things i should eat and how it affects me ill probably drop the calorie counting. ill just use it as a tool for now.

i will mostly incorporate a paleo diet, but i dont wanna limit myself like i had to in whole 30. if i want the pasta ill have it ever once in awhile, not every other night. but i mostly wanna eat real food again like in whole 30 (seriously, whole 30 is a life changer)  now that im back to eating things i kinda was before whole 30, i really do feel like crap. im ready to feel better again and not full of junk.

food can really control your life sometimes, so you have to control it in the best ways you can. and for me, right now that will be calorie counting.

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