Monday, August 12, 2013

the scale and body goals

ive been asked several times about what my goal weight/ how much weight i wanna lose. my answer was usually "30 pounds!". that would get me to a weight that i thought i should be at. though i have a number in my mind of where i wanna be, i doubt ill get there.

usually anyone who wants to lose weight, firstly checks their BMI. though a BMI can be helpful, i just dont even check mine. no body is the same shape or size as the next person. so because i have big boobs and a big butt, ill never be the BMI/ or weight that i should/want to be.

i usually let the scale define me. but when i realized my body didnt reflect my weight, my mind started to change. people think im about 25 pounds lighter than what i am. and when i tell them they always say "no way!" while i just shake my head. but im glad my mind changed. as i start my strength training, my body fat will go down, but ill start putting on muscle. and muscle weighs more than fat. so when i get to be toned and fit, how can i let the scale tell me im heavier than i should be when i look absolutely amazing?

ill be strong. and healthy. and happy. why should i let a number/classification bring me down?

so my goal is to be at whatever weight my body ends up at. i wanna be fit and toned and in shape. so screw the scale. its just a number.

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