Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting back on track

well. its been about 5 days since the whole 30 ended. and i have not eaten very well at all. and my body is feeling it! its all like "holy crap, what is this?" but im reeling myself back in cuz well, ive come too far to go back to eatin crap and gaining it back.

so heres the plan.

half of my plan is food. im getting back to eatin right. not 100% paleo. but atleast 80%. having atleast one cheat day a week. and giving into sweets every now and then. cuz well, im human. but my plates will be filled with meats and veggies. and little fruit. i gotta control all that yummy fruit. im not totally cutting out wheat n dairy. but ill be limiting that too.

and the other half of my plan? gotta get in that exercise! im hoping to go walking atleast 5 days a week. and doing strength exercising atleast 3 days a week. im not gonna start running right away. im gonna ease back into it since i havent exercised in about 3 months. but im hoping by october to be running a 5k (i have a 5k to do each weekend in october) so i gotta start running again real soon. but i think this will be a good start for me.

im hoping to keep up with this plan to continue to lose some weight and hopefully tone up. the whole 30 got me on the right track and motivated me.. now i just gotta keep going!

do you have a plan to staying on a healthy path?
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