Friday, August 30, 2013

Five for Friday

1. im off from work today with the hubby, so i get an extra long day weekend off since we are off monday for labor day. i also thought today was saturday and that i forgot my friday post.

2. this weekend my oldest niece turns 2! where has the time gone?? her birthday party is tomorrow, and im doing her 2 year old pictures today. lots of julia time this weekend :)

3. i guess labor day declares the end of summer. i got like 2 things done on my summer wish list. i need to work on this whole "living it up" thing. maybe fall will be better. i love fall. is it too early early to decorate for fall?

4. monday starts a new phase of getting healthy here at the house. the husband wants to lose weight too now. so ive cleaned out the kitchen and ready for lots of yummy foods to fill it now so we can be skinny healthy people :)

5. i hope you all have a fantastic labor day holiday!! and happy friday!
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