Monday, August 19, 2013


last week was kind of a crazy week, so i really only fit in 2 workouts. i did strength workout on monday, and i jogged/ walked a 5k on friday.

and this happened.


im not really sure what happened. but i do know 2 days before the color run i injured my foot. but by the time it was go time i was fine and my foot never bothered me the whole run. and it had only bothered me one day since. but now it hurts when i walk on it.

maybe cuz i hadnt run in like 3 months and now i decide to jog a dang 5k. who knows. ive been hobbling around since saturday afternoon. sooo. until it gets better, i cant really do any working out. le sigh.

and i was so motivated to get back into working out this week. im hoping this goes away quickly!
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