Monday, September 23, 2013

Ditching processed foods

after writing this post i realized im just rambling alot. i hope it makes some kind of sense to you.

at the beginning of my journey to get healthy last year, i decided to try and cut out processed foods as much as possible. i no longer bought boxed meals, frozen meals, or any "easy" dinner. i started making homemade mashed potatoes, sloppy joes, french fries, and sometimes my own cheese sauce for mac and cheese. i didnt cut out ALL processed foods. i just cut out what i thought would be healthier.

i had always kicked around the idea of the paleo diet. but there are NO processed foods in the paleo. and i think that scared me away for a long time. i always thought "there is no way i could do this" until i talked to my boss at work, who does the paleo diet, and told me "do what you can, it wont be perfect". ive learned paleo doesnt have to be 24/7/365. plus we are humans, ill have doritos if i want.

but i still totally wasnt on board. i should first say, im a sides girl. i always grew up with sides with my dinner. the husband clearly did not and always picks on me when i freak out that i dont have a side. but instead of having mac n cheese or rice as a side, i started to add in fruits and veggies. like any diet should have right? this has been a habit around here for the past year or so. its almost a treat when i make anything that has rice in it.

then when i decided to do the whole30 is when i really had to cut out processed foods. there are a few processed foods you can eat, but just a handful. and i dont mean like a granola bar. i mean like processed tomato sauce, with no sugar added of course. this forced me to read labels, and i couldnt believe how many unrecognizable ingredients are processed foods. there are alot of words thrown around for sugar. and some of the ingredients i havent the slightest clue what they are. you should probably know the ingredients in your food right?

you may think you wont notice a difference in the way you feel. i didnt think i would, i was just cutting it out for health reasons. ive never really felt bad or had health problems. but trust me, you can tell a difference. you dont feel sluggish. once i realized this my mind was completely changed. you will rarely find me buying processed foods anymore, and i read ALL my labels. i buy organic, grass fed, no hormones added, nitrate free stuff anytime i can.

everyday now i think about everything im putting in my body and if it will helping me or not. your body needs nutrients to function and heal. give it what it wants. ditch the processed stuff and eat real food!
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  1. There goes easy casseroles since there's always "cream of something" needed.

    1. well i havent really made any casseroles in a long time, so i havent really had a problem with it