Friday, September 27, 2013

Five for Friday

1. after realizing that starbucks is gonna make me go broke, i looked up coffee for my tassimo coffee maker i have at home. they have been slow to come out with stuff. but i looked the other day and saw this! it might not taste as good, but itll cost me $1.50 a cup instead of $4.09. i love a good savings.

2. tonight is girls night. im making mexican cornbread and pumpkin cookies. should be tasty. ill try and post the recipe if i have time.

3. ive been doing alot of workouts this week. i think on sundays now im gonna post a "train insane" post of all my workouts so yall can see what im doing.

4.the husband went running with me on wednesday. its the first time we acutally stuck together. and i must say i loved it :)

5. its the last friday of the month! gah! i cant believe its almost october! well happy friday yall!
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