Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sexy September

note: this was obviously suppose to be posted yesterday, but i apparently forgot to! oops!

it seems like all the days have some kind of name to go with them. like.. thirsty thursday, flashback friday, meatless monday. oh and hump day. which is today.

love that commercial. anywho. ive decided to make this month "sexy september". this is the month me and the husband start our journeys of being sexier versions of us. we might not get totally sexy this month, but we will have a good start.

you may remember me saying on friday that the husband wants to lose weight too now. well on monday he found out that they are doing another "biggest loser" competition at his work. umm perfect. he didnt get to finish last year cuz he missed weigh ins, but he had lost like 20 lbs 2 months in. so now i really have to make sure i clean up our eating around here. i mean hey... who doesnt want the money prize.

ill be sharing what we are eating. and i have a few dinner recipes to share with you. and ill be sharing my workouts.

my workout schedule i plan to use is: 3 days of strength, 3 days of cardio (probably running), and maybe do some pilates to add to make some two-a-days. whew! thats a whole lot.

so whose ready to get sexy withe me? 
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