Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall is here!

 today is the first day of fall! its my favorite season! probably because its me and jamies birthday season, and now our wedding anniversary season. plus i love the cooler weather and anything pumpkin!

it kicks off the holiday season. soon itll be halloween, then thanksgiving. i love thanksgiving cuz its usually when i family starts getting together for the holidays. theres nothing better than family time. and before we know it itll be winter and christmas will be here!

but im not rushing winter to get here. im savoring the cooler air that the last couple days of rain have brought in. ill be pulling out my leggings and boots before i know it! fall also means my hair goes darker. i dyed it friday cuz it was pouring outside and i had nothing better to do.

anywho, as i was searching pinterest the other day, i found this cute fall bucket list!

how fun does this sound?! ive already taken care of the "drink fancy coffee drinks" one. and ive decorated my porch. have you seen my door decoration? ill have to round up friends and family to do some of the others. this shall make for a fun fall! bucket list are fun cuz it makes you enjoy your time more. im ready to tackle this list! who's with me?

happy fall!!

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