Friday, September 13, 2013

Five for Friday

1. its friday the 13th. im kinda superstitious. i really wish i could stay in bed and sleep the day away.

2. i went running this week! felt good. i thought id start back with my 5k training just to build up my running again. well i thought i was running week 1 day 1, but it was actually week 3 day 1. but i finished it like a super star. and then ran some more around the neighborhood to go find my husband that was walking. love working out with him :)

3. last weekend i decided i wanted a hair cut. im a spur of the moment hair cut kinda of person. but ive also been trying to grow my hair back out since i cut 10 inches! off after the wedding last year. but. ya gotta live a little sometimes right?

4. this week me n jamie have been trying to stick to our diet plan. dinners have been full of veggies. im slowly easing us back into the paleo diet. but next week. its on like donkey kong.

5. my made a big roast on wednesday. its so yummy. ill have recipes up next week of what i made with it. be on the look out for it.

happy friday!! and hope ya have a good weekend!
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