Wednesday, September 18, 2013


i finally remembered to take pictures of what i ate yesterday. though, nothing exciting since i was sick. just anything simple to fix or grab. sorry for all the phone pictures, ill do better next week! thanks jenn for hosting!

 breakfast. sometimes you just need some lucky charms.

snack. some pumpkin spice m&ms.

lunch. a bowl of soup and crackers. sick people food.

snack 2. i treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte. love these!

dinner. the awesome hubby cooked us some steaks. all i had to do was throw the potatoes in the oven.

lots of comfort foods. i need to get better ASAP!

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  1. Wow I've never heard of those M&M's but I"m a pumpkin fan, so that sounds delightful!

    1. i hadnt heard of them til this year, i love pumpkin anything! ive only found them at target! they are pretty good!

  2. Love, love, love Lucky Charms! And how are the pumpkin spice M&Ms?

    1. they are pretty good! they dont have a strong flavor, but enough to make me happy. my boss however spit them out, so i guess it all depends how much ya like pumpkin spice!