Sunday, September 15, 2013

Door (or Wall) Fall Decoration for under $10!!

lets face it. fall is here. even if its still reaching for 90 degrees here in louisiana. ive been sucking down pumpkin spice lattes like they will only be here for another week, my fall decorations were put out on labor day, and ive already worn leggins (in my air conditioned house). and hobby lobby has been ready for fall (and christmas) since june.

i temporarily put up a little fall welcome sign on the front of my door until i figured out what i wanted to put on the front. i have wreaths for other holidays, except for fall. so looking through pinterest i came up with an idea, and its cheap. hey, im on a budget!

what youll need:
(i used no coupons for this, but michaels and hobby lobby offer coupons and sales and can make this a cheap project)

32" natural broom - $2.99
(i got mine at michaels, im sure hobby lobby has something similar)

4 colors of felt  - 29 cents a piece
(michaels sells 9x12 pieces and you can get 2 flowers per color)

roll of burlap - $2.99-$4.99
(i had left over, but i saw hobby lobby has chevron burlap rolls, so cute)

hot glue gun

some type of string

to hang it, i have a clear adjustable wreath hanger from hobby lobby. i love it. but any hanger or nail will work.


make 2 6"x6" squares from each pieces of felt. start cutting a circle and then keep cutting it into a spiral leaving a decent sized circle in the middle to glue the flower together with.

begin to roll the felt starting at the outer end and rolling ot the middle. roll until only the middle circle is left (for the bottom)

add some hot glue to the bottom of the flower and press the bottom circle to the rest of the felt. i push the middle of the flower in to make sure everything is glued down.

complete this for all the flowers. i made 8, 2 of each color. now its time to put the flowers on the broom. i layed them out how i liked, then hot glued them to the broom.

then take your burlap and cut a decent sized piece. i didnt measure, but i didnt want a huge bow. cut to the desired length for the size bow youd like. hot glue to broom.

theres no hook on the broom, so i just tied some hemp string (i had some left over from another project) below the bow, so it would be hidden, and put some hot glue over it to make sure it was secure.


and its done! hang it up and step back to admire :)

i love fall!

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