Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dinner and a Decision

im still on my clean eating streak. well atleast for breakfast and dinner. last night i cooked plantains. never had them before. but my MIL got me the Well Fed 2 cookbook for christmas, and its the first recipe ive cooked out of it. i like the bananas so i figured, why not? right?

well the verdict is: they really werent that bad and will probably make into a weekly side. gonna try lots of new fruits n veggies this year to add into my meals to eliminate my beloved potatoes. im doing my best to make sure i keep my eating clean. itll pay off in the long run.

on to the decision....

thats right.

ive decided to go ahead and just do the transformation challenge and postpone any kind of running/training right now. i think itll pay off. id rather be fit and training to run then fat n trying to run.

ill be starting it this weekend. which is like.. the last possible day. oops! still trying to get rid of these sniffles first so i can give it my all! ill be setting up our spare room as my workout room and im thinking about making an inspiration board to hang up to look at everyday.

ive never been this excited about doing a workout program, so i think this is gonna be a good one! as i told my MIL, this is my year. and hers. this is the year we are gonna get fit! and so far, things are looking pretty good :)

happy hump day!
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