Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIAW: trying to eat clean

 on sunday, me and the husband went to visit my MIL and her friend. she made me a smoothie, we made roasted broccoli and roasted green beans. everything was going dandy. but then we brought up Wingstop. and my mind went immediately to "i have to have that". Wingstop is a frequent place me and the hubs go to, well until lately when ive been on the diet. so i hadnt had it in awhile, and decided i had to have it that night. so we did. and i so regret it. i gained back the 2.5 lbs i had lost last week. and now the scale wont budge. ughh!

eggs with italian sausage and shredded sweet potato

i really need to get my eating straight. so im going back to basics for awhile. back to the foods i know will help me lose the weight. and im not allowing myself cheats for atealst the next 3 weeks.

pizza spaghetti pie, green peas, cucumber

im even going to start counting calories again. i mean.. its a system that works, so why not do it. but that means ill be eating foods easier for me to track than sayyyy... a big ole burrito with rice and beans (!!)

workout fuel

so thats the plan. still trying to figure this out. but i wanna get it right. cuz this is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

i forgot to take a picture of dinner. it was chicken, pasta, and salad.

happy hump day!

do you struggle with eating clean?

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