Tuesday, January 7, 2014

what to do

well. i havent made much progress on the whole exercise/eat right front. but yesterday i tried my best to get into it. eggs and bacon with a banana for breakfast (go figure) and porkchop and veggies for dinner.

i prepped my lunches for this week. salad. which doesnt sound appetizing in 20 degree weather. but, atleast its healthy. 

but ive also got this struggle. do i train for a race now.. or get in shape with He and She Eat Clean: She Sweats 12-week Transformation? i think it would be better to get in shape now so that itll hopefully improve my running. me and running dont always get along. but im still in a toss up. le sigh.

other than that, i have a cold. ugh. this cold weather has got to go. everyone is sick. and in louisiana the weather changes throughout the day. itll be sweaty hot in the morning and freezing cold by night. gotta love this place.

hope your tuesday is treating you well!

so what do i do? get in shape or run my booty off?

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