Thursday, January 30, 2014

its almost friday

but not quite.

this week has been odd. we had ANOTHER snow day! except it didnt actually snow. just ice. and it seemed worse on friday than on tuesday. and then my work didnt make us come in til noon, so ive had a few lazy days in the middle of this work week.

and by lazy i mean i didnt work out and sat on the couch and ate chips. yep. this is why i cant stay home. or i just shouldnt have gotten supplies for the "snow storm" we were gonna have. oh well. ya live and ya learn.

and by didnt work out i mean i didnt do leg day or chest and back day on the days i was suppose to. so i had to cram them both in last night, and i have legs and shoulders tonight. oops. hopefully it doesnt screw me up too bad. im feeling sore today, so i hope i can do the workout tonight.

ive been better this week with eating. well except for those dang chips. ive been tracking my calories on myfitnesspal(<-- my profile) breakfast has been eggs, bacon, and banana. lunch has been salads. and dinner is hopefully a well rounded meal with veggies. still working on keeping my meals clean. but counting calories is definitely helping me this week. hopefully ill keep up with it.

one more week almost in the bag. :)

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