Monday, January 27, 2014

She Sweats 12 Week Transformation: Week 2 Review

well. i have to admit. i missed cardio this week. yes, lifting the weights was fun. but i missed moving. i felt like i needed to go run on my off days. but i have 2 more weeks of just weights to build that muscle before i start shredding.

my eating was horrible last week. guess what. you cant out work a bad diet. truth. my scale shows it. no, i didnt expect it to go down alot.. but i was really hoping it wouldnt go up either. but this week i prepped my meals. im counting my calories. im gonna get this eating thing under control.

i took progress pics on tuesday. the difference in my hips is for sure there. but its a very unflattering picture, so ill spare your eyes. i feel somewhat stronger in my arms. though.. you cant tell with all the fat :/

 in some exercises i could definitely tell my 10lb weight wasnt enough. so i finally went out and bought my adjustable dumbbells. i also ordered my resistance bands that should be here in a week. cant wait to try out all my new stuff :)

2 weeks down, 10 to go, cant wait to see more progress!

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