Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stitch Fix #4

i hadnt done a stitch fix (<--- sign up through this link so i get credit :) ) in awhile, but when i got a tempting email, i went for it.

except they are having long wait times since it has become so popular, so i scheduled it for dec. 16, as a christmas present to myself :)

im sure im not the only one that does this, but when they ship it, your items show up when you log in to fill out what you want/ dont want to keep. wellll i go on there and ohh and awww about what each one might be. when i saw skinny jeans on my list, i laughed. lets just say that skinny jeans do not fit or look good on me.

when my package came in, i immediately opened it like always. its christmas after all! i immediately loved about 3 of the pieces. the others i wasnt sure about.

so here is what i kept:

i had been looking for a shirt just like this, so obviously i had to keep it!

im a fan of cardigans, and this one is diff that my usual ones

yes, i kept the skinny jeans! they actually fit me AND looked good on me. i had to have them!

i even wore the shirt and jeans later that week, i couldnt resist!

these are the ones i didnt really like, and turns out, didnt fit me either:

this one i kinda liked, but it was way too shirt and wount close over my boobs. booo

im really not a skirt person...and it wouldnt fit over my big butt

ive been getting quite a few pieces that i like in each fix ive been getting. the more you get, the more they know your style! im ready to schedule my next one!

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