Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIAW: my eating plan

since starting the she sweats transformation challenge, which im on day 4, ive been tossing around what kind of eating plan i need to do. they suggest eating clean, which ive been trying to do for the most part. but im really tossing around of doing another whole 30.

 eggs, bacon, banana

i know i failed when i tried to the do the last one, but i feel alot more motivated now. motivated to start seeing change in my health and body. i know ill see changes if i really watch what i eat, and this will give me limitations.

 a horrible picture of my salad. greens, chicken, croutons, craisins, ranch dressing

im still doing some searching of what i think will be the best fit for me. but right now i really wanna push myself, for atleast 30 days. i wanna see what im made of.

 fuel for the workout

no matter which way i decide to go, im cleaning out the fridge and pantry and stocking it with whole, clean items that will fuel my body through this transformation. if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. and i dont plan to fail.


what kind of eating plan are you on?

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