Sunday, February 9, 2014

Girls Night

lately me and my girlfriends have been planning girls nights about every other month. its fun to hang out and chit chat about all kinds of stuff. like boys having cooties ;) or babies seem to be the new trend in our group. im supposedly next up, but im not drinking that water ;)

yesterday, i hosted girls night at my house. we decided to do pizza and i set up games for us to play.

i made 2 kinds of dough (here and here) and supplied the sauce. and let everyone else bring the toppings. our toppings included pepperoni, ham, ground meat, peppers, and... pickles. the pregnant one wanted pickles on her pizza :) oh and of course, cheese.

 3 meat

pepperoni and peppers

half ham and beef, half beef and pickles

after we were good and full it was game time. i set up "minute to win it" games for us to play. ever seen the show? i loved it. we broke up into 2 teams and got a point for each game with a tie breaker at the end if needed. *spoiler alert* we played the tie breaker even though we didnt need it.

we played:

there was video of those one, but ill spare you :)

and for the tie breaker: paper dragon

and of course, my team won. woohoo! i kicked some butt in those games. and no i didnt practice before they came over. we had a great time. ill have to plan another one with different games soon. 

i love just getting to hang out with my girls :) time to plan the next girls night!

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  1. This was so fun!!! And there is nothing wrong with putting pickles on your pizza!! xD