Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meal Plan, Grocery Haul,and Sunday Food Prep

 its been a busy weekend. i planned my meals, went shopping, and have spent the day prepping food for the week. as i mentioned on friday, im gonna attempt to do another whole 30 (didnt i just say i wasnt gonna do one??) but i knew the only way to do it was to be super prepared. so, its what i did.

so i spent a hour so yesterday looking up ideas of what to eat. i knew it had to be interesting or id be bored in a week. its nothing specatular, but this is what i came up with.

breakfast: eggs, beef patty, banana (no surprise there right?)

lunch: salsa chicken, boiled egg, avocado, cucumber, and roasted sweet potato

dinners this week:
  • chicken tacos/ salad for me
  • pork chops, green beans, mushrooms
  • stuffed bell peppers
  • meatloaf and zucchini pasta and sauce
  • steaks, broccoli, and salad

so this morning i was off to do some shopping!

this isnt all i bought, but this is what i can eat!

heres a closer look:

even though i bought other stuff, and used coupons, this only cost me $58. eating clean doesn't have to be super expensive. watch for sales. no, i cant afford all the expensive natural meats, so i just fit in what i can. like the ground beef i bought, but it was also on sale.

i also worked on my food prep today for this week. its the only way to stay on track. but im slow and lazy with it. instead of just gettin it all done at once, i space it out through out the day. thats probably why i never totally get it done! but today i did :)

i boiled eggs, cut up cucumbers, roasted sweet potatoes, made beef patties, and cooked my salsa chicken.

cant wait to get this week going and start feeling/seeing the difference. ill be keeping you up to date on what im eating and whats going on.

do you do any sunday food prep?

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