Friday, February 7, 2014

Its Friday

1. not too much has happened this week. as in. ive been really lazy. i blame it on my "lady time". so that means i have some catching up to do in my workouts. ugh.

2. i went out and bought a king cake. its like a must for a Louisianian right? right. it had raspberry and cream cheese. holy yum! and i got the baby.. so looks like ill be buying another ;)

3. im hosting girls night at my house tomorrow. we are making homemade pizzas. and playing games. i hope to have a recap of the games for ya next week :)

4. today i signed up for yet another color run. but honestly, i think itll be my last for awhile. yes, they are fun. but the excitement runs out eventually i guess.

5. have a great weekend!

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