Friday, February 21, 2014

More than Five for Friday

1. the doctors office called me this morning and said my cyst was benign. i can celebrate with ice cream right?

2. im itching to do some home improvements now that the weather is nice. maybe ill clean up the patio. do some painting. put my husband to work :) also itching for a road trip. is 2 hours too long to drive to go to trader joes? i mean.. i can do clothes shopping in the town there so it doesnt seem like i went just for trader joes right??

4. on the radio this morning they were talking about peoples clothes getting too tight and having to get bigger clothes. but one guy says he refuses to buy new clothes so he makes me himself lose the weight so they are comfortable again. thats where im at right now. the only new clothes i want are smaller ones!

5. me and the hubs are starting to work on the design for a new house (yes already), but our house is gonna be like 4,000 sq ft. to fit everything we want. this is a problem. i need to win the lottery or something.

6. mardi gras is almost here and i didnt even know it. thankfully that means no more king cake soon. let the partying begin though!

7. well i guess thats all for today! have a great weekend!

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