Thursday, February 20, 2014

im still here

hi guys! i know ive been missing lately. mainly cuz i have nothing to report. its been a slow week. and i havent worked out this week. why you may ask? well this happened.

 no. i didnt have an accident. ive had a cyst (or thats what they say it is) on my chin for years. and i finally decided to get it taken care of when it started to get inflamed a little. well that involved some cutting, snipping, and stitching. the area was numb so i had no pain, until after. but i have keep it bandaged and neosporened til monday when i get stitches out. but any pulling and such makes it hurt :( so ive decided to postpone any working out until i get them out. well except leg day on sunday, that shouldnt be much of a problem.

my eating has not been very well this week. ice cream has been comforting me in my injured time. but next week should be much better. im going to ATTEMPT to do another whole 30 or something very close to one. gotta get back on track! bikini season is almost here!!

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