Monday, February 3, 2014

She Sweats 12 Week Transformation: Week 3 Review

well. ive made it another week. but it didnt come easy.

ive been feeling a lil under the weather again. so my workouts have been slacking. and we had more ice days last week. so my days off were spent on the couch. but i managed to squeeze every workout in this past week. i used even heavier weights this week. super excited about that.

though i love the weight lifting. i still miss cardio. i need to move! i feel myself getting stronger. but to me cardio = weight loss. thats right. i havent lost anything. i think i may have gained a pound. and its so frustrating. but i know after this week cardio will be back in my life and ill feel like im doing something productive.

i didnt take any progress pics this past week, so im not sure if ive made any visual changes. but i plan to take some this week. i do notice my arm muscles a little bigger.

 baby muscle

my eating was so/so last week. and i pigged out for super bowl yesterday. oops! im starting to think doing another whole 30 is a good idea.  just too many sweets around me. mardi gras = king cake for months. its so good though. but if i wanna get anywhere, i gotta cut that crap out.

about this time in a program is where i just give up. had enough. call it quits. but i really want to stick to this one. i see big things happening for me with this one. i actually see progress already when usually i dont. so i gotta stick it out. if i make it through week 4 i think ill be set to finish. also. i love the facebook group page. soo much support! i just need support and motivation to get me through. and cookies! wait. no. water! 

ready for week 4!

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