Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine Friday!

1. its friday. but its also valentines day!! happy valentines day!! and to those who dont have a significant other, know you are loved by many :)

2. this year i asked the hubs not to get me chocolate/candy for valentines day. ill wait as you all gasp in shock. yep. things are a changing. gotta kick the old habits.

3.  workouts this week have been better than last week. just taking it one day at a time. trust the processss!

4. me and the hubs are going out with some friends tomorrow to watch some horse races. we havent been in awhile. maybe ill get lucky this time!

5. i FINALLY got to run this week. my soul is happy. many more runs to come. i got a 5k to train for!

have a great friday!!1

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